• Shelves contain molds

    Shelves contain molds offloading errors as well as the ability to sort each type of mold, arranged in order, position, contributing to improving the quality of storage, reducing search time and maintenance.

    Shelves contain molds

    Shelves contain molds features: high load capabilities, flexibility in manufacturing input methods, creating storage space, preservation of scientific template, tidy and most logical.

    Shelves contain molds
    Shelves contain molds

    * Shelves linked site underground hangers, each shelf has automatic sliding rails.
    * Legs cylindrical structural omega (Ω) solid.
    * Wheels rolling tole edge 2mm thick and depending on the requirements from customers.
    * Four rollers are placed in drawers facilitate the move easier.
    * Each floor in the drawer racks can easily be drawn.
    * The design and assembly bolts when buckling and enter just adjust mold lifting arm to pull the tank site location and hands lifting hook mold or mold on the shelves easily enter.


    Shelves contain molds
    Shelves contain molds

    * Maintenance, Maintenance mold easily.
    * Optimized for mold area.
    * Increase the storage area by 50%.
    * Shelf link hook underground, disassemble quickly, easily.
    * Design of high security, ease of use, low investment costs, high efficiency.
    * Warranty 7 years.
    * Colour according to customer requirements.


    Shelves contain molds
    Shelves contain molds

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